A downloadable game for Windows

A game where you use the wind to traverse levels. Place fans to create paths for yourself. But be careful, the fans you place persist through the stage. You might have to REWIND to RE adjust the  REpeating WINDs!

WASD - Movement
Space - Jump, hold to Hover
When in Build mode, Right Click to rotate fan, Left Click to place. 

Notable Features: Persistent objects, a cool Build Mode interface, dynamic audio, dynamic music, a duck.


Programming - Steve An, Cristian Ayala, Jamie Campos
Level Design - Steve An, Jamie Campos
Music - Steve An
Audio Engineering / Sound Design- Cristian Ayala
3D Modeling - Sheel Thadhani, Jamie Campos, Steve An
UI and Sprite Art - Jamie Campos, Sheel Thadhani

Programs used: Unity, Blender, FL Studio, GIMP, FMOD 
Fonts from 1001fonts.com
Skybox Asset from BOXOPHONIC Low Poly Demo Asset Package
Wood textures from Wood Texture Asset Demo Package
Sound effects from Pro Sound Effects Odyssey library and personal library.

Install instructions

Unzip the file using WinRar or a similar program, then run the executable in the resulting folder. 


ReWind.zip 48 MB

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